13. saka no jigoku (jigoku_series)

The view from the hill is of the ocean and incoming clouds. Looking back, I see a demon coming up the hill. They do not seem to be chasing us.

The demons are also climbing up the hill as a matter of course when it is hot and hotter. I wonder how much distance there is between this girl, Mee-chan the cat, and the demon. It makes me wonder.

The scenery looks like it is from long ago or even today, which makes me wonder. I wonder if the letter I put in the mailbox will pass through time and reach someone.

坂から見える景色は海、そして入道雲。 振り返ると坂を登ってくる鬼。 追いかけてくるわけではなさそう。

鬼も暑い暑いと当たり前に坂を登ってくるのだけど この女の子と猫のみーちゃんと鬼の間には どれくらいの距離があるのかと 不思議な気持ちになります。

坂の両側の景色は遥か昔のようなでも、 今でもあるような不思議な景色で現代と昔の時の流れが交差しています。