kabuki no jigoku (jigoku_series)

A girl and a pig cat Mitan who went to see Kabuki. Seeing the Kabuki actors, the two unintentionally pretended to be the characters and tried to be cool. It seems that the moon is laughing on a happy night. However, the Kabukiza that appears alone in a mysterious place. Was there really a Kabuki seat in a place like this?

歌舞伎を見にいった女の子とぶた猫のみーたん。 歌舞伎役者をみて、思わず、役になりきってカッコつけてる二人。 楽しい夜に月も笑っているようだね。しかし不思議なところにあるぽつんと出現している歌舞伎座。 はてこんなところに本当に歌舞伎座ってあったけ?